• An Amazing Pre-Conference with Intensive Workshops, Worship and Dinner!

    The Open Boston Pre-Conference worship last year.

    The Open Boston Pre-Conference worship last year.

    Simply because we want Open to be unbelievably and extraordinarily AWESOME, we offer an extra pre-conference on Friday, February 5th. The pre-conference will start with some training intensives in the afternoon with the first running from 1:30pm-3:30pm and the second from 4:00pm-6:00pm. After that, we’ll have dinner together from 6:00-7:00pm and then have a time of worship and a devotional from 7:00pm-8:00pm. Oh, and did we mention that this is all INCLUDED in the $25 cost for Open Boston!

    The Pre-Conference will take place at First Congregational Church in Hamilton, MA!

  • Open Boston Benefits Family Promise North Shore Boston

    When you come to Open Boston, not only will you be getting fantastic youth ministry training and a great chance to network with other youth workers in the trenches, but 34% of your ticket sale will also be donated to a great New England based non-profit: Family Promise North Shore Boston

    Family Promise North Shore Boston is a nonprofit interfaith hospitality network that provides temporary shelter, meals, hospitality, and case management for families experiencing homelessness on the North Shore of Massachusetts. Family Promise North Shore Boston began serving homeless families on the North Shore in May of 2013. We bring together existing community resources and volunteers in order to further our mission of housing families and helping to get them back on their feet.

    We do this through the participation of local faith groups, dedicated staff, and hundreds of volunteers. Family Promise North Shore Boston is committed to keeping families together during their time of homelessness and to helping them through the process of finding support and housing.




  • Designed for Interaction

    Part of the theory of the Open events is that some of the best ideas in youth ministry come from everyday youth workers who are in the trenches of ministry. Thus, Open Boston has been purposefully designed for interaction.

    Each session will run 45 minutes and speakers will have the choice to teach interactively for that whole time or limit themselves to 30 minutes and provide questions for small group discussion for the remaining 15 minutes.

    You won’t just be coming to hear some great ideas from our AMAZING speakers, but you will be coming to share some of yours as well!






  • Our Location: Gordon College

    Open Boston will be held on the campus of Gordon College in the new Ken Olsen Science Building. The campus is located at 255 Grapevine Road in Wenham, MA.

    For more info on getting there, click the links below:

    Campus Location & Parking

    Flight and Hotel Information







  • Celebrating New Ideas in Youth Ministry

    Open Boston is a one-day event for adults who minister to teenagers. Whether you work or volunteers with teenagers in a church, parachurch, school, clinic, after school program, sports team, or are a parent: If you minister to teenagers than this day is for you!

    Open Boston is unlike most youth ministry training events. We believe that innovation happens on the front lines with people who spend their day-to-day lives enwrapped in the daily lives with teenagers. We’ve asked our presenters to bring what’s really working in their context to Open Boston. Our hope is that when you spend a day hearing from a wide variety of fellow Christians that you’ll connect your context to something you hear, giving birth to innovation in your ministry.




  • Ideas are Born in Boston

    Since colonial times, New England has been held in high international regard for its industry, technology, and spirit of inventiveness. Historically, the Boston area is among the most innovative locales in the region. “Yankee ingenuity,” a term that strongly evokes the New England character, reflects traditions of invention and craftsmanship that emerged in and around Boston over a period of more than three centuries. ~ Kenneth R. Manning





Join us for Open Boston 2016

  • Rachel Blom, Speaker

    To have an impact on the lives of the adolescents we work with, we need to choose our words with care. In this session we’ll explore seven words (or expressions) teens need to hear from you.

  • Dave Sippel

    Moving from the center of your youth ministry and creating an environment where your youth are known by your church, and not just by you.

  • Kristin Leahy and Steve Coddington, Speaker

    Discussing what self-harm is & isn’t, why kids self harm, habits and behaviors of kids who self-harm, how to identify those who are struggling, and ways to help these youth and their families navigate the road to healing.

  • Gina Blaze 2016, Track 3

    Bio: Gina Blaze was born and raised in New England. She loves the four seasons, “Fall in New England is like no other place on earth.” Married with two grown children, her family is very missions minded. Over the last 15 years Gina, her husband Dan, and children have served people in 10 different countries, also...

  • Craig Parker 2016, Track 1

    Bio: Craig Parker is the city leader for the Navigators in Boston and also serves as the campus director at Boston University.  He served previously as the regional leader for collegiate ministries in New York and New England and was the campus director at Dartmouth College from 1990-2007.  He is a founding board member and former chairman of the...

  • Sam Peketz 2016, Track 2

    Bio: I am a Colorado Native, grown near Boulder. I love all things outdoors, and most things indoors too! I am a graduate of Colorado Christian University with a degree in Youth Ministry and am entering into my fifth year in youth ministry. Some things I have come to grow a passion for are winter camping, hiking,...

  • Mickie O’Donnell 2016, Track 1

    Bio: Mickie O’Donnell has been in educational ministry for 40 years, teaching and pastoring in the US, Scotland and India.  She has a Masters in Religious Education and Philosophy. Mickie is the co-author of “Workshop Wonders” (NeXGen); contributed a chapter on Play Therapy in the book “Healing the Children of War”, (Marc ...

  • Jordan Oliver 2016, Track 1

    Bio: Jordan Oliver is the Middle School Director of Student Life at Maryvale Preparatory, an all-girls’ school in Baltimore, Maryland, where she works to cultivate a positive, service-oriented and faith-filled learning environment. Jordan teaches a multimedia Journalism class to eighth graders and coached Middle School field hockey for ...

  • Anneke Brown 2016, Track 3

    Bio: Anneke Brown has been on Young Life staff since 2008 when she began leading a club for teen moms in Norwalk, CT and then expanded the outreach to other nearby cities. She now serves as the Eastern & Greater NY YoungLives Divisional Coordinator and oversees new ministry development, staff and volunteer training, and camping for...

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