• Would you like some life, spiritual or ministry coaching at Open?

    12_04_03-mjs_ft_sports-coaching_14311985Being in ministry can be tough. Believe us, we know it from first hand experience ourselves. What many of us on the organizing team have also learned though is that sometimes the best things to help can be a neutral listening ear to help work through a certain issue. So, new this year at Open Boston, we want to provide some coaching for those who want it for their own spiritual life, for their ministry or for life in general. Sign ups are first come, first serve and we will match you up with a veteran in youth ministry of the same gender as you who will take some time to listen, give advice and pray for you.

    To sign up a for a coaching meeting, head here: http://openbostoncoaching.eventbrite.com

    PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a ticket to the event itself. If you want to meet with a coach, register for Open Boston first by clicking here.


  • Want Some Extra Fun on February 8th?

    Mutemath will be playing the night of Open at Gordon College at 8:00pm


    Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here:


  • New This Year: An Amazing Pre-Conference with Intensive Workshops, Worship and Dinner!

    A HUGE thanks to Calvary Baptist for hosting the pre-conference.

    A HUGE thanks to Calvary Baptist Church in Peabody, MA for hosting the pre-conference.

    Simply because we want Open to be unbelievably and extraordinarily AWESOME, we are looking to add an extra pre-conference that will happen on Friday, February 7th. The pre-conference will start with some training intensives in the afternoon with Mark Oestreicher talking about “Understanding the Teenage Brain” from 1:30pm-3:30pm and Rachel Blom of Download Youth Ministry discussing “Preaching in Post-Christian Contexts” from 4:00pm-6:00pm. After that, we’ll have dinner together from 6:00-7:00pm and then have a time of worship with a devotional shared by Tim Ghali of Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA from 7:00pm-8:00pm. Oh, and did we mention that this is all INCLUDED in the $25 cost for Open Boston!

    Location Information
    Pre-Conference Schedule

  • bostonprojectOpen Boston Benefits The Boston Project Ministries

    When you come to Open Boston, not only will you be getting fantastic youth ministry training and a great chance to network with other youth workers in the trenches, but a portion of your ticket sale will also be donated to a great New England ministry: The Boston Project Ministries.

    The Boston Project is a community-based organization in Boston with a passion for seeing renewal in urban neighborhoods. They operate several neighborhood outreach ministries and also partner with over twenty faith-based and secular organizations to meet the physical, social, academic, and spiritual needs of people. Their motivation is our Christian faith and this principle summarized in the Gospels: Love God and love your neighbor.

    Each year, they help mobilize hundreds of volunteers of all ages to be involved in compassionate service. Additionally, they will expand their mission by promoting leadership development opportunities for volunteers and staff.

    They have several opportunities for people to serve and learn with them. They are best suited to host junior high, high school, college, and adult groups of Christian faith. Browse through their site for more information about Saturday Service Days, the Summer Missions Program for youth groups, Spring Break Trips, Weekend Service Retreats, and other volunteer opportunities. During the summer, they also invite 20+ adults (college age or older) to lead their two main outreaches – the Summer Missions Program and Neighborhood Youth Ministries.





  • Designed for Interaction

    Part of the theory of the Open events is that some of the best ideas in youth ministry come from everyday youth workers who are in the trenches of ministry. Thus, Open Boston has been purposefully designed for interaction.

    Each session will run 45 minutes and speakers will have the choice to teach interactively for that whole time or limit themselves to 30 minutes and provide questions for small group discussion for the remaining 15 minutes.

    You won’t just be coming to hear some great ideas from our AMAZING speakers, but you will be coming to share some of yours as well!






  • Our Location: Gordon College

    Open Boston will be held on the campus of Gordon College in the new Ken Olsen Science Building. The campus is located at 255 Grapevine Road in Wenham, MA.

    For more info on getting there, click the links below:

    Campus Location & Parking

    Flight and Hotel Information







  • Celebrating New Ideas in Youth Ministry

    Open Boston is a one-day event for adults who minister to teenagers. Whether you work or volunteers with teenagers in a church, parachurch, school, clinic, after school program, sports team, or are a parent: If you minister to teenagers than this day is for you!

    Open Boston is unlike most youth ministry training events. We believe that innovation happens on the front lines with people who spend their day-to-day lives enwrapped in the daily lives with teenagers. We’ve asked our presenters to bring what’s really working in their context to Open Boston. Our hope is that when you spend a day hearing from a wide variety of fellow Christians that you’ll connect your context to something you hear, giving birth to innovation in your ministry.




  • Ideas are Born in Boston

    Since colonial times, New England has been held in high international regard for its industry, technology, and spirit of inventiveness. Historically, the Boston area is among the most innovative locales in the region. “Yankee ingenuity,” a term that strongly evokes the New England character, reflects traditions of invention and craftsmanship that emerged in and around Boston over a period of more than three centuries. ~ Kenneth R. Manning





Awesome youth ministry training for an unbelievable price!

  • Rachele Gardner, Speaker

    It is necessary for youth ministries to think and respond creatively to the physical and spiritual needs of the young people in our communities. This session will explore the opportunity that is in the social enterprise model to create self-sustainable ministries, even where there is lack of resources.

  • Speaker, Steve Cullum

    Unlike churches in the Bible belt, many New England youth workers have very little to work with when it comes to budgets. How do we maximize what we do have for the sake of reaching teens for Christ?

  • Aaron Stetson, Speaker

    This session would be all about encouragement, tips and ideas for lasting in ministry for those in some level of bi-vocational ministry.

  • Patti Gibbons, Speaker

    The tough stuff of life is always happening to someone connected with your ministry. How can we as youth workers serve families well through times of personal crisis, transition, and life challenge? This session will cover some strategy for these situations and have time to share wisdom with each other as well.

  • Leneita Fix, Speaker

    The “other side of the tracks” with particular urban, suburban and rural issues is now blurred and and we are wondering how to approach this new mix of students.  This workshop will help you identify the variety of diverse families you are ministering to and first steps to engaging them.

  • Meg Nelson, Speaker

    This workshop will take time for participants to experience, as well as share ideas for what it can look like to provide multi-sensory ways for students to experience the love of Christ.

  • Aaron Wolgamot, Speaker

    This workshop will provide practical advice of how to better involve the students, adult leaders, and even the parents in the ministry to make it bigger, broader, and more effective.

  • Jeremy Bixler, Speaker

    This seminar will combine the latest research in adolescent mental illness with practical accounts of youth in the church who have suffered from mental illness – and how the church was able to effectively minister to them.

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