2014 Sponsor Giveaway: Faith 2 Faith Ministries International
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- Jake Kircher on January 31, 2014 inUncategorized

f2fmi partnerHere is your LOAST CHANCE to snag a FREE ticket to Open Boston next weekend! Our friends at Faith 2 Faith Ministries International had such a great time at Open last year, they generously wanted to make sure others got the chance to attend this year. The first 10 people to use the link below to register will get a FREE ticket to Open Boston.* Click here fast:


A Little Bit About Them:

Maybe you haven’t heard, but a recent poll found that New England is the least-reached place in our nation. Based in Southeastern Connecticut, Faith 2 Faith Ministries International is attempting to change that statistic and make Jesus famous again.

f2fmi is mobilizing and equipping the churches of New England to proclaim the Gospel to students in their communities, across the nation and around the world.

f2fmi is committed to reaching young people for Christ by:

  • Understanding youth culture and operating within its context.
  • Presenting Christ in a language teenagers can understand.
  • Making Jesus relevant to their world.
  • Using innovative approaches to gain their attention.
  • Connecting your church community across denominational lines to proclaim Christ as one.
  • Mobilizing Christians teens to share Christ with their friends!

You can learn more about MBC here: http://www.f2fmi.org

*Don’t be selfsh, if you aren’t definitely going to come don’t take a free ticket from someone else who will use it. You wouldn’t want to mess with the Cartel, would ya?

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