Benefiting Organization: The Fold Family Ministries
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- Jake Kircher on December 13, 2012 inUncategorized

When you come to Open Boston, not only will you be getting fantastic youth ministry training and a great chance to network with other youth workers in the trenches, but a portion of your ticket sale will also be donated to a great New England ministry: The Fold Family Ministries.

The Fold Family Ministries provides affordable Christ-centered residential care for up to 25 troubled teens, ages 13-17 on their property located in Lyndonville, VT. We offer a new beginning for both teens and their parents in crisis. Our motto is, “Changing Lives, Renewing Hope, Restoring Families; One Son and One Daughter at a Time.”

Over the years, hundreds of at-risk teens have turned their lives in a new direction, distraught parents have been encouraged and fractured families have been reconciled. Many parents have found The Fold to be the answer to their prayers. Through God’s love and grace, young people formerly headed in a wrong direction have found hope and healing and gone on to successful careers, marriages, families, and life within our communities. Parents who have formerly felt unequipped as role models have learned skills to help them become effective leaders in their homes.

One of the things I have come to greatly respect about The Fold as I have gotten to know them and their ministry is the fact that they are truly holistic in their ministry. They provide students a safe place to live apart from their normal situation which is often a huge step to getting the help they need. They also offer a fully accredited, home schooling program which means that students don’t need to fall behind while they get help through whatever issue they are facing. Often, students actually accelerate academically in their program and fin themselves ahead of the game and better prepared for college. More so, they offer a healthy balance between psychology and spirituality providing on-site counseling as well as discipleship for students. And lastly – and I think my favorite part – is they also offer assistance and programs for parents who’s children are in the ministry. They don’t assume that the child has all the issues and through letters, conference calls and visits truly minister to the entire family to foster health and reconciliation.

To learn more about The Fold, visit their website at 

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