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By Leneita Fix, a member of our organizing team I am a Northeast girl, born and bred. I am blunt, I don’t trust you until I get to know you, and when I visit your church for the first time please don’t hug me or ask me to turn and hug my neighbor. I don’t know you….

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- on September 17, 2012 in General Announcement

Open Boston is not like your typical youth ministry event. Make no bones about it– The Youth Cartel has an agenda with Open. And that agenda is you.  Open is built on a proposition that goes like this: What would happen if front-line youth workers, the ones interacting with students on a day-to-day basis, were able…

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Months ago when The Cartel announced the Open events, I remember reading through the Manifesto and thinking to myself how tailor made this event is to a New England audience. I am so excited for February 2nd and what is going to happen at Open Boston! If you have done any ministry in New England, you…

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After a lot of speculation and research, I’m happy to say that our first East Coast Open event will be Open Boston. Mark your calendars! Trust me, you’ll want to be inside for this one because the date is February 2nd, 2013! We’re finalizing the last couple of details about our location and we’ll announce…