Continuing Education Certificate
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- adam mclane on February 5, 2014 inGeneral Announcement
Continuing Education Certificate

il_340x270.448754443_ms9xA fellow attendee asked us if we’d be able to issue a continue education credit (CEU) for attending Open Boston. After digging into it a little we learned that we can indeed offer 1 CEU for attending Open Boston. It’s important to note that since we aren’t a trade organization that we cannot offer you an accredited CEU, but most churches don’t require that it come exclusively from an accredited source.

In the future we think we’ll have a system for doing this a little smarter… but for now, if you’d like to receive a certificate you’ll need to email me, I’ll create it, and send the PDF for you to print off and turn in. (I’d recommend also printing off our schedule and turning them in together.)

How to Get Your CEU Certificate

  1. Email me, Adam McLane – [email protected] and request a CEU certificate.
  2. Please give me the name and organization you’d like listed on your certificate. (e.g. Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church)
  3. Um, that’s it! I’ll email the certificate back to you.

Questions? Comments? Other ideas for making Open Boston still even more awesome?

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