Aaron Stetson
Aaron Stetson
Windham Presbyterian Church
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Bio: Aaron has been youth pastor at Windham Presbyterian Church in Windham, NH since August of 2010.  He served for 2 years as Young Life field staff in Redding, CT and before that as an Intern for Middle School Ministries at Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA.  Since about 1998, Aaron has served either, full time, part time, or volunteer in youth ministry.   Aaron is married to his wife Elizabeth, they’ve been married since May of 2002 and they have a daughter Emily who was born in 2006.  He has a degree in youth ministry and biblical studies from Gordon College and is currently working on a Masters in Global Youth Ministry from Huntington University.  Aaron is also a licensed electrician and enjoys a break from ministry to make some money.

Session: Don’t Quit

Description: We all go through seasons where everything is just too hard.  The students aren’t cooperating, church people are being dysfunctional, you’re marriage is hard, you’re losing your passion and sin is just rearing its ugly head in your life. Maybe i’ve lost it? Maybe I’m getting too old for student ministry? Maybe I never had it? Or maybe, just maybe this is a season. Maybe it’s hard on purpose maybe God is testing you maybe he’s doing something incredible. I know you want to, but please don’t give up.