Adam McLane
Adam McLane
The Youth Cartel
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Bio: Adam McLane is a lifelong student of youth ministry, a veteran youth pastor, and mentor to an ever-expanding web of students and adults. Adam created and later sold Youth Ministry Exchange, an online community for youth workers, before joining the team at Youth Specialties in 2008. While at YS, Adam lead a wide array of initiatives to greatly expand the company’s use of email marketing, online marketing, social media, and mobile application development. In September 2011, Adam left Youth Specialties to join The Youth Cartel, a full-service consulting firm specializing in helping churches, businesses and ministries connect with teenagers, young adults, and youth workers. Adam and his wife Kristen live in San Diego, California, with their three young children.

Session: The Bigger We

Description: Our definition of youth ministry is too small. We (youth workers) make the mistake of thinking that we are the experts, that we “own” ministry to adolescents. This counters a realistic strategy for reaching a theologically appropriate proportion of the adolescent population, counters a core Protestant doctrine, (Priesthood of All Believers) and denies the fact that there are hundreds of thousands of adults currently ministering to adolescents in the places that God has them already.

Youth group is AN answer. It’s not THE answer.