Anneke Brown
Anneke Brown
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Bio: Anneke Brown has been on Young Life staff since 2008 when she began leading a club for teen moms in Norwalk, CT and then expanded the outreach to other nearby cities. She now serves as the Eastern & Greater NY YoungLives Divisional Coordinator and oversees new ministry development, staff and volunteer training, and camping for all YoungLives ministry within 14 states in the northeast. She is committed to equipping and caring for leaders who are reaching at-risk and under-served youth – specifically teenage moms. She and her husband, Chase, have two sons, Liam and Logan. ​They live in Rochester, NY.

Session: Reaching the Youngest Parents – Teen Pregnancy, Parenting and the Church

Description: Nearly 22,000 teenage girls become pregnant each year throughout New England. This is a number that should cause us to pause and consider how we our ministries and/or churches are intentionally reaching and welcoming pregnant and parenting teens to participate in our programs.

Learn some ways to identify how to meet teen parents in your community and what ways you can intentionally reach them.