Gina Blaze
Gina Blaze
The New England Prayer Center
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Bio: Gina Blaze was born and raised in New England. She loves the four seasons, “Fall in New England is like no other place on earth.” Married with two grown children, her family is very missions minded. Over the last 15 years Gina, her husband Dan, and children have served people in 10 different countries, also many places in the US.

She is Co-Director of the New England Prayer Center and a Motivational Speaker. She is a Life Coach, Author (“Provoking Thoughts”)and recently created the Declareit app. Her passion to speak hope and healing into people’s lives, she enjoys presenting in conferences, workshops, seminars and festivals on subjects such as The Essentials of Life, Wholeness on the Inside, Breakthrough is Possible, and Prayer. Gina has faith for giant faith and will inspire others to find Hope in Jesus in the challenges of life.

Session: Spiritual Blockage

Description: Everything comes down to an issue of the heart. How does a clean heart get created…according to psalm 51:10? The blockages that we don’t realize we have go unnoticed until we allow God to breathe life and revelation into us. Regret, fear, shame, gossip,victim mentality, generational curse. Without a healthy clean heart these matters show up  in behavior, habits, thinking, and addictions but most of all in faith.