Ramin Salehi
Ramin Salehi
Faith 2 Faith Ministries International
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Bio: Ramin has been a Christian since 1997. He is married and has two children. Over the last decade or so Ramin has served in the local church in Cumbria (Northwest England), as Pastor to two small churches and now, as a missionary to New England. Ramin has a passion for the lost coming to know Jesus, and for the found growing to know Jesus in a deeper way. Since moving to the USA in 2013 to join the f2fmi team as their Chief Growth Officer, Ramin has quickly developed the ministry in the States. He was invited to join a fellows program at Yale Divinity School under the Youth Ministry: Now Initiative. Churches, youth groups and even the local public schools have warmed to Ramin’s gifts of discipleship, encouragement and leadership.

Session: Practical Evangelism in Public Schools

Description: It can seem daunting when thinking about evangelism and our local schools. The Church is called to minister to the whole community, which includes our schools. This session will provide practical steps to help your church or ministry to be an active presence in your local schools.