Speaker Submissions, now through October 15th
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- adam mclane on September 17, 2012 inGeneral Announcement

Open Boston is not like your typical youth ministry event.

Make no bones about it– The Youth Cartel has an agenda with Open. And that agenda is you. 

Open is built on a proposition that goes like this:

What would happen if front-line youth workers, the ones interacting with students on a day-to-day basis, were able to share their best ideas with other youth workers? What if someone who is doing great in a small town could share what’s working with people in a big city and visa versa? Urban to suburban, someone who counsels teens in a private practice trains someone who leads a small group bible study, or a mom whose home is always open and crawling with her daughter’s tennis team shares best practices with a youth ministry team at a big church trying to figure out how to reach teenage girls?


What if we created a space where the newest, freshest… and maybe wildest idea got presented to a group of people who might take that idea and run with it?


What if we made it cheap? What if we took made the event so open that we shared our budget? What if 2/3rds of the money stayed right in that community to build up the Kingdom there? What if all of the speakers bypassed a payday just to resource others? What if every talk and every note went on the website afterwards? What if the best ideas were made accessible to everyone?

These are the propositions that Open is all about. I know its not for everyone. But I do know, from talking to youth workers all over the country, that there is a hunger to hear from those who don’t have books (yet) or aren’t on the speaking/training circuit (yet) or who are so busy with ministry they don’t have time to pursue those things but would love a chance to share.

If that kind of thing resonates with you, and you have ideas that must be shared– stuff that is working and others can use to minister to teenagers in their community– I invite you to submit a proposal. I can’t promise that submitting a proposal will mean that you will be selected.

But I can promise that the organizing team will give you a fair shot at it. Our agenda is you. We want you to see Open as a place where your ideas are represented and your voice matters.

But hurry, speaker submissions close October 15th!

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