Sponsor Spotlight: The Youth Culture Report
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- Jake Kircher on January 24, 2013 inUncategorized

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Open Boston is a little less than TWO WEEKS AGO!! And normally, procrastination isn’t a good thing when it comes to events like this as ticket prices go up once you get closer to the event. However, thanks to our friends at The Youth Culture Report, we are giving away ANOTHER TEN FREE TICKETS to the event!! The first 10 people who registerand use the code “CULTURE” will get a free registration.

The Youth Culture Report is a daily website news organization delivering news on youth culture seven days a week. We save you time and work, by bringing you the latest news on youth culture in one place. Youth culture is changing rapidly. TYCR daily provides you with a snap shot of of today’s youth culture so that you can be equipped to understand youth and make bridges for the advancement of the Gospel.

Youth Ministry veteren Doug Fields calls The Youth Culture Report an invaluable resource for any one who works with students.

They also make it really easy to access their articles, updates and stories with fantastic apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android products.

So, be sure to go grab a free ticket to Open Boston and then go check out The Youth Culture Report:


*Don’t be selfsh, if you aren’t definitely going to come don’t take a free ticket from someone else who will use it. You wouldn’t want to mess with the Cartel, would ya?

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