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- Jake Kircher on December 27, 2012 inUncategorized

workcampne partner newAs a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our team at Open Boston, we are really pumped to be able to offer another free 10 tickets from our friends at workcampNE! The first 10 people who register and enter the code “CHEERS” will get a FREE TICKET to Open Boston*.

workcampNE creates week long camp environments in the Northeast to deepen students’ faith as they live out the Gospel message through service to elderly and under-resourced families through minor home repairs at no cost to the resident. In 1995, they began offering a week long camp trip that churches from all over the country participate in. In 2006, they expanded to two weeks enabling campers to work on 45 different housing sites through the efforts of 350 individuals. And in 2010 a third week of camp was added to open things up for Jr. High School students.

While history is important, workcampNE prefers to look to the future! With God’s leading they’re looking forward to more weeks of camp per summer, more residents helped, more students impacted for His name and a richer history being developed. Come help us create “the future”!

To check out the dates of their camps this summer, click here.

**Don’t be selfsh, if you aren’t definitely going to come don’t take a free ticket from someone else who will use it. You wouldn’t want to mess with the Cartel, would ya?

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