Welcome Simply Youth Ministry as a Track Sponsor
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- adam mclane on December 19, 2012 inGeneral Announcement

Simply Youth MinistryOpen Boston has added its third and final Track Sponsor, Simply Youth Ministry.

I stole this off their website, it’s a little about Simply and their values:

Simply Youth Ministry is here to equip, connect, and recharge youth workers with the tools, relationships, and confidence they need to help teenagers develop a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jake and I are really excited about this news for a lot of reasons. For me, I’m excited about adding Simply because they are such great friends of The Youth Cartel who really get what we are trying to do with Open. A few months ago Marko and I were in their offices in Colorado and I had the opportunity to share the heart behind the Open movement and the idea of flipping the typical youth ministry event on its head. When I talked about intentionally creating a place where front-line youth workers can present what they are learning, how they are innovating in their context, and exploring what may be transferable… that connected with their team right away.

For Jake, he’s been friends with Simply for a long-time, participating in a wide array of stuff with them. So having them as a sponsor at Open is natural and fun. It just makes sense.

Meet Jason & Nadim at Open Boston

Another awesome part of having Simply on board for Open Boston is that Jason Ostrander and Nadim Najm will be in Boston to hang out with us for the day and help out. So if you’ve ever wanted to get to know them, this is a great opportunity!

Registration is currently open. We hope to see you there on February 2nd.

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